Buying a Home

Our approach to Real Estate is different from the rest. Let us walk you through our process, step by step:

1. Let’s get to know each other

Details about your lifestyle are important. Getting to know you and your family will help us better understand your needs and wants.

2. Mortgage pre-approval
We will make suggestions and give you insight into the mortgage market. We have a network of many trusted mortgage brokers and specialists at a variety of major banks. Edmonton HQ will provide several options and will help our clients choose the right professional.
3. Finding you options.

Once you have a pre-approval in place, the search begins. We will dive into your needs and wants, as well as our Neighbourhood Intelligence system to craft a search specific to the life you want to live. Options will be given within the price range that you are comfortable with and qualified for.

4. Making an offer

Once you find the perfect home to purchase, we spring into action. We will take care of all the details and strategize a plan to submit an offer, negotiate and come to an agreement.

5. Examining the documents

Your lawyer is an essential and invaluable member of the process. They will ensure that you are getting what you pay for under the terms of your contract.

6. Moving in

You’ve made a decision, done your due diligence, packed your bags, forwarded your mail, and hooked up the utilities in your new home. You get the keys and are certain you have thought of everything for your big move. However, in our experience, that is not always the case. But, don’t worry! Edmonton HQ’s Moving Day Survival Kit will come to the rescue when you need it most.

It doesn’t end there!

One of the many benefits of having Edmonton HQ on speed dial is the large network of service professionals that we have in our sphere. Our network becomes your network. You will have access to various professionals to help with repairs, renovations, landscaping, or anything else you may need to transform the house you buy into your perfect home.

Other informational tidbits:

Buying process may include the following:

Reports & Data

We use our Neighbourhood Intelligence system, and your answers to our questions, to find you the communities and listings that suit your ideal lifestyle.

Communication tools

We are a technology forward thinking company using several communication tools to make your buying experience seamless. From listing appointments, documents, charts and data, information will be easily accessible.


We supply our clients with detailed move-out and move-in checklists.

Client protection

We will examine all documents and ensure your lawyer has reviewed them before any deal is finalized.

Additional service providers
We will help you in any we can. Our team will provide you with a network of mortgage brokers, lawyers, moving companies, or renovators to choose from. We have valued relationships with many professionals that are available at your disposal.